BMB Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that helps people who are in need and do good to other people by ways of charities, educational loans and various other methods. Just like a tree growing out of a small seed, we hope that our little contributions to help our society will grow into something bigger in the future.

Vision & Mission Statement

The participants and members of BMB Foundation shall uphold and possess the principles and attitude of

    1. The willingness to donate over the amount of donations.
    2. Learn to participate in terms of money, time and effort to the greatest extent.
    3. Self participation in events and experience the whole process.
    4. Fully believe that the aid given to someone in need just like as, if you are in need, others will give it back to you.
    5. Giving to the society and not expecting any reward in return.

Your attitude in giving back to the society reflects the passion of you, not only to yourself but also to the society.

Organization Chart

Chairman: Calvin Tay
Vice Chairman (East Malaysia) : Austin Hii
Vice Chairman (West Malaysia): Chong Yee Sze
Secretary: Roslina Japar
Treasurer: Voon Kai Foo

How to contribute

Those who wish to spend for the betterment of the society can contribute to the bank account below

Alliance Bank : 11027-0-02-018482-4
Voon Kai Foo 

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