The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

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Where can a person go to learn how to become a better team player? Your choices are definitely limited. Listen to our speakers explain these qualities in a concise manner with easy to understand examples. A lot of new faces in our Lunch Learning Session on this topic.

Title: Adaptable: If you won’t change for the team, the team may change you
Speaker: Ms. Zaidah & Ms. Syahirah
Date: 1 October 2020

Title: Collaborative: Working together precedes winning together
Speaker: Ms. Nadirah, Ms. Zaidah & Ms. Hazirah
Date: 5 October 2020

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Title: Committed: There are no half hearted champions
Speaker: Ms. Ashikin & Ms. Nadhirah
Date: 6 October 2020

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Title: Communicative: A team is many voices with a single heart
Speaker: Mr. Shahrin
Date: 7 October 2020

Title: Competent: If you can’t, your team won’t
Speaker: Mr. Ling
Date: 8 October 2020

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Title: Dependable: Teams go to Go-To Players
Speaker: Ms. Lily
Date: 12 October 2020

Title: Discipline: Where there’s a will there’s a win
Speaker: Mr. Shafiq & Ms. Dayang
Date: 13 October 2020

Title: Enlarging: Adding value to teammates is invaluable
Speaker: Mr. Ivan
Date: 14 October 2020

Title: Enthusiastic: Your heart is the source of energy for the team
Speaker: Mr. Ling
Date: 15 October 2020

Title: Intentional: Make every action count
Speaker: Ms. Lily
Date: 19 October 2020

Title: Mission Conscious: The (Big) picture is coming in loud and clear
Speaker: Mr. Naqib
Date: 20 October 2020

Title: Prepared: Preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing
Speaker: Ms. Isabelle & Ms. Dayang
Date: 21 October 2020

Title: Relational: If you can get along, others will go along
Speaker: Ms. Ashikin & Ms. Nadhirah
Date: 22 October 2020

Title: Self-Improving: To improve the team, improve yourself
Speaker: Mr. Wai Chong
Date: 26 October 2020

Title: Selfless: There’s no ‘I’ in team
Speaker: Ms. Selina
Date: 27 October 2020

Title: Solution Oriented: Make a resolution to find the solution
Speaker: Mr. Sim
Date: 28 October 2020